The professionals who spearhead the collective of Futures & Foresight experts: dedicated to the exploration of long-term future scenarios, ETS – Emerging Technologies Scanning, Strategic Foresight, and Futures Literacy [both theoretical and practical education in Futures Studies and Futures Thinking].

The expert collective also specializes in Maieutic Facilitation and Creative Problem Setting & Solving, through various methodological frameworks.

Nicoletta Boldrini - Team Futures & Foresight di Tech4Future

A humanist lending her expertise to science, she is a journalist and disseminator in the Science/Tech field (with a focus on emerging technologies and future scenarios), Editor-in-Chief of Tech4Future.

A member of the Executive Board of AFI, the Italian Futurists Association. A member of the APF – Association of Professional Futurists, the WFSF – World Futures Studies Federation, and the IFTF, Institute for the Future, she actively participates in international communities of practice in the field of Futures Studies and contributes to Futures Literacy.

For over 20 years, she has worked as a consultant for the internationalization and innovation of SMEs, with a particular focus on the sustainable transition of businesses in the textile and clothing sector.

She has spent periods studying and working abroad, both in Europe and the Far East, living in multicultural environments and developing a propensity for international relations. She has worked for over a decade in the field of textile and clothing production with frequent trips to China, Mauritius, and Madagascar.

She collaborates with CNA Lombardia, for which she has been the project manager since 2016 for the Enterprise Europe Network, the network founded in 2008 by DG GROW of the European Commission to support SMEs in growing and innovating internationally [considered the largest network in the world present in over 50 countries with more than 600 contact points and over 3000 experts].

Since 2014, she has also worked with the Connecting Cultures Foundation, where she teaches the OUT OF FASHION course, an advanced training course for sustainability in fashion. She has collaborated with SDA Bocconi on several European projects such as Small But Perfect and is the CNA contact for the Monitor for Circular Fashion.

Since 2021, she has been involved in Futures Thinking, incorporating workshops on Foresight and Futures Literacy into her facilitations with the businesses and organizations she collaborates with.

Mariagrazia Berardi - Team Futures & Foresight di Tech4Future

The editorial team

Journalists who observe, analyze, translate, and narrate the future. The project was initiated with a substantial investment in the talent of journalists, experts summoned to support the editorial strategy while fully respecting professional and personal freedom.

Nicoletta Boldrini

Futures & Foresight Director | Direttrice Responsabile Tech4Future

Futures Thinking & Strategic Foresight (Maieutic Facilitator & Practitioner) | Futures Literacy Advocate | Journalist & Popularizer (focusing Emerging Technologies’ impacts & Futures Scenarios) | I specialize in ETS – Emerging Technologies Scanning to identify, assess, and monitor emerging technologies that could significantly impact the economy, society, and environment. The aim is to foresee and understand how such technologies might exert an influence (potentially transformative) on the future, starting from an analysis of their possible impacts on alternative futures.

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Paola Cozzi


Journalist with a solid background with more than 20 years’ experience in developing b2b, print and digital editorial products | Twenty years managing a b2b publication on Physical Crime Security | Currently dedicated to Digital Journalism and exploring new techniques and styles of communication

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Maria Teresa Della Mura


A journalist, she has been following digital innovation issues for over 35 years, with a particular focus on the implications for businesses, public and private organisations, and society. In recent years, she has dealt with the transformation taking place in the industrial world, maintaining a strong focus on everything related to sustainability and the environment.

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Andrea Ballocchi


Journalist specialising in technology, focusing on topics concerning the Internet of Things and emerging technologies that have a significant impact on daily life and the future. In addition to technology, he also covers topics related to environmental sustainability and beyond (construction, architecture, design…)

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Antonio Dini


A journalist since 1997, he covered local news, foreign affairs and economics before devoting himself to innovation, science and technology. Author of books, radio presenter, speaker and conference moderator, he teaches at university and works to find the words capable of explaining things that do not yet have a name. His website is

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Lucia Cariani

Graphic Designer | Illustratrice

She says of herself: “I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, specialising in the creation of brand identities. I help my clients focus on the uniqueness of their company, and I use graphic design to create a unique visual identity that gets noticed and remembered”. She is the visual soul of all our projects!

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Michele Arena

Analista | Web Marketer

He says of himself: ‘I am incredibly fascinated by digital communication and data’. A freelancer since the age of 19, he deals with Online Market Analysis, Web Marketing Strategies and manages SEO, PPC (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.) and Marketing Automation projects at an operational level.

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Matteo Ginnetti

Digital Marketer

He says of himself: ‘I am a reliable, organised and hard-working person with many different experiences. I work well under pressure, enjoy acquiring new skills and working in dynamic environments”. His skills: digital strategy planning, paid ads, SEO, web analysis, social media marketing.

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Francesco La Trofa


For twenty years active in research related to 3D technologies, populariser on the topic of enterprise applications of these technologies and author of ‘VR Developer. The content creator in virtual and augmented reality’ (2018), published by Franco Angeli.

Antonino Caffo


He loves technology in all its forms, but says he is particularly interested in consumer devices and computer security and quite curious about new developments in the hyper-connected society. You can always find him online, but he points out: ‘if it’s not me, it’s my avatar’.

Nicholas Chilese

Autore (aspirante giornalista)

Passionate about sociology and innovation, curious by design. Degree in Digital and Business Management, he has experience in project manager roles in start-ups. He has experience and interests in dissemination and consultancy work on digital innovation and corporate foresight.

Valentina Bigai

Giornalista e Videomaker

Journalist and telereporter with solid videomaking skills. She has edited and hosted TV news and radio programmes, is author and creator of several journalistic formats and social content creator. Curious about life and its countless possibilities for discovery and knowledge.

Enrico Verga

Analista e Editorialista

Analyst and columnist | Born in Como and became Milanese, he graduated in International Political Science at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. He follows his business inspiration and becomes a strategic and institutional consultant for Italian companies that want to innovate and grow their business. He also publishes his analyses and observations in Il Sole 24 ore, Fortune, Forbes, Agi, Fomiche, Linkiesta, Manager Italia, Longitude.

Emanuele La Veglia


A professional journalist, he works with national online newspapers (including Affari Italiani) after gaining experience at Sky and AdnKronos. He has already won several journalistic awards and now writes about sustainability, women empowerment and innovation.

Arianna Leonardi


A contributor and editor of numerous technical publications (information and communications technology, automation, electronics), she has good experience in public relations, photography and online media.

Massimo Liverti


Journalist focusing on digital economy and technological innovation. He travels, writes and occasionally photographs for national newspapers and specialised websites. He has collaborated with ItaliaOggi and Milano Finanza and with the magazines Capital, Business People and Bell’Italia.

Piera Midemù


Journalist and Blogger with established expertise in B2B sectors, particularly in the ICT industry

Michael Saruggia


Michael Saruggia is an AI, analytics and data strategy consultant. He often participates as a speaker and moderator at events and roundtables dealing with topics related to AI, analytics and the strategic use of data. He runs a newsletter on data and artificial intelligence for business leaders who want to understand this technology from a strategic point of view.

Raffaella Aghemo

Innovative Lawyer

Innovative Lawyer as well as a consultant in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology, intellectual property, privacy and communication, Raffaella Aghemo, a lawyer at the Court of Rome, has been lent to the world of marketing and business for years, making this combination of experiences her strong point!


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