Tech4Future Manifesto

Tech4Future is a journalistic publication that exemplifies SLOW JOURNALISM. It is not bound by the pursuit of daily news but is characterized by a “search for meaning,” providing its audience with insights that demand the time for analysis and understanding (both for the writer and the reader). Established in 2020 from a simple idea: to apply the principles of journalistic information – accuracy, source verification, research, and analysis – to offer in-depth insights and responsible dissemination of information on tech research, the market, and the industry of emerging technologies with an analytical and prospective approach, examining the impacts they may have on our future.


To disseminate and promote the understanding of emerging technologies by analyzing their potential impacts (risks and benefits) on individuals, companies, socio-economic policies, and the environment…


To stimulate critical thinking and nurture futures thinking through the theoretical and practical literacy of Futures Studies and Strategic Foresight.


Tech4Future is an editorial project conceived by Nicoletta Boldrini, a journalist with many years of experience and responsible director roles at some of the most renowned publications in the Italian ICT landscape. She aimed to encapsulate the essence of a daily job of analysis and in-depth research, looking for signals and forces that could outline new potential future scenarios.

On the portal, you can find:

  • Updates on national and international research and experimentation activities
  • Analytical services, scenarios, and in-depth studies on emerging technologies and their applications
  • Interviews, editorials, and expert opinion pieces
  • Articles, insights, and interviews on Futures Literacy

The project is designed for a curious, attentive, engaged audience, and for all those who wish to understand and deepen their knowledge of new technologies and their potential impacts.


The project began with a significant investment in the talent of experienced journalists who are called to support the editorial strategy, yet with full respect for professional and personal freedom, without constraints that may limit their creativity, freedom of action, or jeopardize professional ethics, and always with the utmost attention to the readers.


Tech4Future is an independent, self-funded publication and does NOT receive any support from public funds. We are deeply convinced that quality stories create a quality audience.

To make the project economically sustainable, on some occasions (very rare), commercial agreements are made with certain companies, but without distorting or betraying our manifesto (we make agreements ONLY with companies that believe in and share the strategy and values that drive this project).

Interviews are always the result of the sole and unquestionable editorial choice that does not involve any economic agreement with the interviewees or with the entities, associations, or companies for which they work or collaborate.

All content resulting from agreements with companies will always be recognizable to everyone, marked as “sponsored content” at the beginning of the service and with the hashtag #ADV at the end of it.


Thank you for reading to the end, for your attention, and the interest you are showing in what we are building.

If you have questions or would like to share your thoughts with us, we would be delighted to meet you and hear from you. Write to us: redazione [at] 

I believe that in this historic moment of great change, the dissemination of knowledge about emerging technologies and their possible impact on humanity, companies, and socio-economic-political societies must take on a kind of “social mission”. To prepare for the future that is coming, it is necessary to understand the “tools” that are transforming today, in our way of communicating, working, living.

Nicoletta Boldrini

Editor-in-Chief of Tech4Future