In this section, we compile articles, interviews, analyses, and insights originating from the realm of scientific research, particularly focusing on emerging technologies applied to fields such as genetics, biotechnology, and nanotechnology.

Image featuring a close-up of green leaves placed above a glass of breast milk, symbolising the Nicotiana benthamiana genetically modified by the research team from the University of California Berkeley and the University of California Davis, to produce human milk oligosaccharides.
A 3D image of cancer cells in the foreground, overlaid with a large circle featuring degrees and radians, evoking the use of computational techniques to analyse and classify them.
A researcher from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign team showcases a 3D printed resin prototype of a new bio-inspired material for prosthetic orthopaedics, placed alongside a synthetic model of a fractured human femur (Credit: Fred Zwicky).
A close-up image of a biotechnologist's gloved hand holding a culture plate with bacterial growth in a laboratory, assessing antibiotic sensitivity or potential antibiotic resistance.
A vector illustration depicting a prominent cardiac muscle rendered as a dense geometric lattice with blue connection lines and nodes, against a dark, dotted background. Adjacent are substantial electrocardiogram traces with numerical data, illustrating the study of cardiac function through automated analysis. This employs artificial intelligence to extensively manage data on contractility and calcium levels in in vitro cardiac models.
An image showing two surgeons dressed in green surgical attire, wearing VR headsets and using controllers to interact with a simulated clinical scenario, a prevalent practice in virtual reality surgical training.
A 3D image showing a piece of DNA upfront on a blue background. There's a hand in a white lab glove holding a magnifying glass over it, focusing on a part where the colour's changed. This visual is all about looking into the genetic variants in cancer genomes, spotted and assessed right where they occur.
3D image depicting in the foreground, on a dark background, a human brain seen from above with, in the centre, a light green chip, evoking the use of Brain Computer Interface, of which brain-machine interface devices implantables are an example.
A 3D image on a dark background shows two broken DNA strands, highlighting a decade's key research area in biotechnology: DNA damage repair via PARP1 protein intervention.
Retinal prosthesis: the potential of artificial neural networks in image encoding - concept
Nanobot Thrombolytic Therapy - Rendering 3D
Genetic Editing: An Opportunity for More Resilient Plants in Agriculture
Diseases and Genetic Mutations
Antimicrobial Resistance and Antibiotics
Genomic Big Data Clustering - concept

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