Technologies for the environment and energy industry: understanding what they are, where and how they are applied, and forecasting the future advancements these emerging technologies may enable for our planet.

Moreover, issues related to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are increasingly becoming a part of not only public opinion but also the financial market.

An image depicting a floating Antarctic ice shelf, bathed by the Southern Ocean.
A vector image depicting swarms of spherical microrobots (in light yellow) capturing microplastics (small white spheres) and bacteria (green filaments) during a water purification procedure [credit: Adapted from ACS Nano 2024, DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.4c02115].
Image of the 3D draft used for additive manufacturing in aeronautics, to create new generation, lighter and more sustainable aircraft.
A vector image depicting a large, central CO2 symbol made of grass, encased within a series of downward-pointing arrows, resembling a cage. This visual symbolises the concept of carbon dioxide capture and its conversion into an environmentally sustainable product, such as formic acid.
Vector image that portrays, from above, the map of all the continents, depicted as bright green grassy meadows and, around, a series of icons with reference to the circular economy, environmental sustainability, green energy and thematic related to the climate, topics on which research and innovation are growing and, at the same time, the number of cleantech patents, regarding the technological solutions to be adopted.
3D rendering which portrays, in the foreground, on a vast green expanse, a giant lithium battery also green in colour, around which the lane of a motorway twists, to evoke the central role of batteries in electric mobility and the need, for future batteries, for technological solutions that are more sustainable, greener, and more available in terms of the materials used.
Vector image depicting, on a midnight blue background, a blue light bulb on the left and, on the right, light blue high voltage power lines, to evoke the centrality, at a global level, of an efficient electrical system, in the face of the progressive electrification of consumption and the increase in renewable energy sources.
Image that portrays in the foreground, some beige fabrics with, in the centre, superimposed, the recycling symbol made of green grass, to evoke the adoption of solutions aimed at promoting circularity and textile sector's sustainability
A picture set against a vibrant green backdrop shows plastic bottles arranged in a circle with a plant in the middle, hinting at the push for a biodegradable plastic. This kind would be nature-inspired, plant-based, and able to break down quickly and completely without harming the environment.
An image displaying, in the foreground, a glass funnel container filled with a green liquid, set on a table covered with a series of chemical formulas, including those of hydrogen and CO2. This scene evokes the chemical space being explored to find metal catalysts for the production of green methanol, a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.
Image that portrays a hospital ward with, on the left, a patient on a stretcher surrounded by three medical figures and, on the right, some graphic representations of data and statistics, to evoke the need for future hospitals that keep up with the times, capable of combining design innovation and digital technologies.
Biotechnologies for bioenergy: advances in optimising the cellulose conversion process into biofuels - concept
Image depicting an expanse of Arctic sea ice with, bottom right, the output pipe of the underwater drone pump as, after drilling through a layer of ice one metre deep and freezing the water underneath, it ejects it to the surface (Credit: Real Ice).
Genome editing techniques - concept
Regenerative agriculture - renaturalisation
Aquaculture - Technologies for an Age-Old Practice
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